Frank Arias was born and raised in Ecuador, South America. As a young boy, Frank was a cadet in the Naval Academy in the city of Guayaquil. It was here that he first began his journey into the world of martial arts. Once arriving in Canada, Frank pursued various Asian disciplines and through his searching he found Systema-Russian Martial Art which has allowed him to grow and evolve in the world of Martial Arts.

Frank is a Senior International Instructor of Russian Martial Art, with Systema Master and Founder Vladimir Vasiliev. At the 2007 United Nations Systema demonstration, Frank was a featured participant along with Systema Grand Master, Mikheael Ryabko. Frank has also trained with Konstantin Komarov from the Russian Special Forces. Frank has lead seminars in Tokyo, Japan and the United States. In Toronto, Canada, Frank has also been teaching an acclaimed street self-defense series at York University including both Russian Martial Art and Mixed Martial Arts.

Frank brings years of experience to each lecture, seminar or event, from his ten years of training at Russian Martial Arts headquarters under the constant instruction and supervision of Vladimir Vasiliev. Frank excels at the integration of physical and psychological resources with his combative skills. Frank’s complete control of the smallest movement along with lightening reflexes, testify to the effect of long term Systema Conditioning. Frank uses Russian Martial Art principles of proper form, breathing and relaxation to show students how to use Systema to be continuously creative in combat, while preserving both your health and humanity.

Combining subtlety with explosive bursts of power when least expected, Frank Arias is well known for his “honesty” or realism in combat, as well as his enthusiasm for personal coaching! Whether fighting with weapons, hand to hand, in or outside of confined spaces, in the water, on any terrain, Frank embodies both the principle, as well as the practice of Systema, as a reality based martial art.

Frank is presently teaching classes and workshop seminars at Systema Combat/Systema GTA Toronto and at York University Russian Systema in Toronto.

“Frank Arias will be known to anyone who has trained at Toronto HQ, being one of the long-time students of Vladimir. Frank has also been well-known via his workshops in Japan and South America and also his work teaching an acclaimed street self-defense series at York University. He is certified under both Mikhail and Vladimir and was recently recipient of a special mention from the Coordinator of Russian Compatriots in Argentina Center , with support of the Embassy of the Russian Federation, delivered in person by the President of CCCRA in Buenos Aires Argentina.” – Systema International Magazine
Over ten years of various Asian Martial Art Over ten years of various Asian Martial Art
19 years of Systema Russian Martial Art training
Student of Vladimir Vasiliev and Mikhail Ryabko, Has also trained under Konstantin Komarov and Valentin Talanov
Teaches Russian Martial Art at Systema Combat/Systema GTA school in Toronto and also at York University in Toronto
Started Systema schools and training groups in Canada, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, Brazil and Argentina
Currently expanding the Systema network in Latin America
Has given seminars in Canada, USA, Japan, Peru, Ecuador, Argentina, Mexico, Spain, Brazil and Colombia
Founder and Chief Instructor Systema Combat since 2006 and Systema Tactical since 2010