“Become aware of self-defence techniques skills used by SPETSNAZ Russian special forces which does not require strength alone to be effective. Emphasis will be placed on fundamental principles of breathing, movement and body mechanics. These principles permit individuals to be efficient and move freely and effectively, regardless of the situation and/or position of the attack. These classes and seminars are designed for all levels of ability, from the non-martial art participant to those with more experience.” – Frank Arias
“Frank Arias will be known to anyone who has trained at Toronto HQ, being one of the long-time students of Vladimir. Frank has also been well-known via his workshops in Japan and South America and also his work teaching an acclaimed street self-defense series at York University. He is certified under both Mikhail and Vladimir and was recently recipient of a special mention from the Coordinator of Russian Compatriots in Argentina Center , with support of the Embassy of the Russian Federation, delivered in person by the President of CCCRA in Buenos Aires Argentina.” – Systema International Magazine